About Gay Kilters Hiking

utilikit kilt

The Gay Kilters Hiking and Backpacking (GKHB) group is planning the Spring-Summer-Fall meetups and will be publishing the schedule on this site. Kiltics unite on the hiking trails!!!

You may well ask what is a “Gay Kiltic“?  Well, a Gay Kiltic is a gay man practicing Celtic tradition and legacy by wearing the kilt., hence the Kiltic is actually a play on the word Celtic and kilt with Celtic.

scottish thistle

As you may know, the GKHB has been created in response to gay men wanting a hiking and backpacking group with a Celtic theme. Whether Scottish or Irish, the kilt is a common tradition to both, and now its our theme, too.

At this time, we are inviting gay men of all ages who are interested in Celtic traditions and hiking and backpacking to contact Gay Kiltic (William) by email at Gay Kiltic and to let group admin know of your interest. Once you contact admin, you’ll receive email updates on GKHB meetups and events, and other relevant information.

rapid gif of different men anim
These are the kinds of guys that join Gay Kilters.

The only requirements for GKHB are:

  • The group is for gay men.
  • No age restrictions.
  • You must be fit enough for hiking and backpacking.
  • You must wear the kilt when hiking and backpacking with GKHB.
  • You should observe general rules of good conduct and respect for other’s views when participating in GKHB events.

At this early stage in the organization of GKHB, there are no dues or fees to participate, but each member is responsible for his own entry or site fees if such fees apply to any venue.

irish shamrock

We expect that we will be organizing group events, outings, meetups, etc. and in some cases a modest registration fee may be requested to cover the expenses of organization, publication, transportation, refreshments, etc. If a donation is requested, members will naturally be provided with all details.

If you have any questions or concerns, recommendations or requests, please feel free to contact Gay Kiltic (William) at Gay Kiltic.

On behalf of GKHB, WELCOME! We look forward to many wonderful hikes and meetups in the future.

Thank you for your support and participation!

Gay Kiltic (William)

half naked men in kilts

about gay kiltic-kilt'n crack


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